Dapcco Clear/Colour

Dapcco Clear is a acrylic based polymer mastic that is designed to form a seamless and exploitable waterproof coating for roofs, roads, platforms, terraces, floors, ponds and pools. It is an economical modern alternative to polymer films and poly-urethane coatings for roofing.


Advantages of Dapcco Clear polymer mastic coating:

  • It is sprayed or applied by roller, sponge, spray machines,
  • Environment friendly as it is water based and certified for contact with drinking water;
  • Fast hardening, erosion resistant and non-slippery coating
  • High adhesion to any materials;
  • Integrated coating without joints;
  • Durable, elastic, waterproof;
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures, UV, aggressive environments, abrasion.


Dapcco Clear is basically clear but it is possible to produce the products in different colours. To see the available colours, please click on RAL chart to choose your preferred Dapcco Colour.


Download of Brochure in pdf


external wall waterproofing Dapcco Clear/color